Dancing is to express dancers' thought and feeling through motion and rhythm. What is more is that Hip Hop Dance emphasizes self-expression. The dance is not only art and culture, but also a healthy exercise. Hence, Hip Hop Dance is popular among youngsters and it is worthy to be promoted in community.

For teenagers' physical and mental development through dancing, the Warehouse Teenage Club hold various Hip Hop Dancing courses and form dancing teams. The youth are invited to participate in different kinds of performance and competition during their leisure time.

Teenagers can strengthen their confidence and develop their unique talents in dancing performance and competition. As dancing is a group performance, emphasizing team-work and team spirit, youngsters can learn how to communicate with others, work together, shoulder responsibility as well as self-management.

Although the young dancers come from different teams of Warehouse Teenage Club, they are friendly and show consideration for each other in their daily lives (family, school, work, and social contact) so as to achieve the goal of healthy development, and to experience the core value of Hip Hop culture: Peace, Love, Unite and Respect.

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Hip Hop Arena (Chinese Only)
Hip Hop Arena 2007
Hip Hop Arena 2008
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