Drama is to show different situation, different time and people's different inner world lively on the stage. Through acting, teenagers can enhance their observation on daily lives and human nature. Besides, they can broaden their thought, imagination and creativity with various views. Moreover, young people can learn how to show understanding and gain acceptance among each other from role-playing and creation. Drama is also a tool of delivering message and involves educational function, it is worthy to be promoted.

The Warehouse Teenage Club holds various related workshops so as to enhance youngsters' skills of performance and backstage operation. In addition, the Warehouse supports teenagers forming drama groups to give a performance in public. The youth are in charge of all arrangements, including script writing, directing, acting, costume designing and properties making . During the process of creation, teenagers can enhance their confidence and satisfaction on one hand, and have more development of creativity on the other hand. The most important thing is that they can learn how to communicate and work together as well as learning self-management and taking responsibilities.

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