Warehouse Facilities
Basketball Court
Table Tennis Room
Football Machine
Band Practice Room
Frank White Studio
Dance Room
Multi-Purpose Room
Meeting Room
Self-Study Room
Ceramic Room
Graffiti Practice Field
Barbeque Site
Red Boot Cafe
Alfresco Seats
Adventure Space
Butterfly Garden
Venue Renting
(Commercial Purpose )

[Application for Rental of Venues/Facilities (Organization)]

Please kindly prepare the following items, and submit to our centre by hand, fax or mail 2 weeks before the date of activity.
1. Filled Application Form of 《Venues Rental Fee and Application Form
2. Fees
a) by Cash
b) by Cheque (Payable to: The Warehouse Teenage Club Ltd.)
c) by Auto Transfer (Account: HSBC 600-855787-001)
Enquiries: 28732244
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