The composition of Graffiti is very unique, and its color is so rich that attracts teenagers in it. This kind of activity emphasized writers' personal style, expression and creation. In the process of creation, writers show their feeling, character, emotion, thoughts as well as their experience in their production, so that they can know more about themselves and at the same time, they can train their sharp observation.

Thus, to meet youngsters' interest and fervor, the Warehouse Teenage Club hold Graffiti courses in order to offer a right and safety environment for teenagers to learn Graffiti skills systematically and have experience of Graffiti. Moreover, the Warehouse forms two Graffiti crews. The crews are invited to participate in the beautifying community project, and show their Graffiti skills to promote the culture of Graffiti positively within the community. Team members can enhance their confidence and complacency when their creation are appreciated and recognized. The young people can learn how to communicate with others, work together, manage themselves and shoulder responsibility in collective Graffiti creation.

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