Social Development

Young people need to develop personal interest and build up interpersonal relationship by different group activities during adolescence, our centre regularly offers various activities for members to participate in. We believe that teenagers not only need to study and play in their growing stage, but also participate in voluntary services in order to repay the society and to gain more living experience. Hence, we organize voluntary group and uniform team, offering related training to build up youngsters' value of considering community. We expect teenagers can gain more living experience, enhance their cohesion to the society, care about others and the world through voluntary work.

To be a volunteer, having special skills is not a must. But, they should have two hearts, one is caring for others and the other is responsibility. Being a volunteer can be benefited a lot :

Contribute to the society:
To help people who need help, for example, the elderlies, children, sicknesses, disabled, rehabilitants and the cramped
Meet new friends :
Through voluntary work, you can develop friendships with other volunteers and even those who are being served.
To understand about the society:
Volunteers can find out the need and situation of different classes of people through services, and will treasure more what they own.
Enhance interpersonal skills:
For example, how to live, express and communicate with others.
Learn skills apart from textbooks:
pre-service data collection, writing(minutes), artwork creation, programme design, MC skills, intelligence training, etc.

Welcome to join our voluntary activities.

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